Chasing Greener Days ... A sanctuary

Chasing Greener Days is a sanctuary for those seeking to increase the light in their lives through a self-reflective and active connection with Nature and Spirituality.

Here you will find discussions on spirituality, nature, divination, and how to develop a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.

The nurturing of magic

I've always marveled at Nature, the stars; my place in the Universe and how small I am in the Grand Scheme of Things. I've since learned that this may be due to a hidden ancestral background of Native American and Southeast Asian cultures.

Even as a child I marveled at the magic and mystery of The Universe, which caused my mother to teasingly dub me, "Hippy". I listened enraptured by the family stories of the supernatural and mystical spoken by my grandmother, and was taught to love and respect my fellow humans as well as other creatures (though, I'm still working on spiders) by my grandfather.

The loss of magic

As we grow older, we often lose the magic of childhood as the heavy mantle of adulthood is placed on our shoulders: school, marriage, house, kids, expectations...Not necessarily in that order. Days turn into months. Months turn into years, and before you know it, you're no longer the wonder-filled child you used to be.

So it was with me.

Luckily, just enough remained and often took the form of Hawk.

The determination of Hawk

Hawk (the bird) was around so much that I joked "he" was my spirit animal; my totem. I'd see and hear Hawk everywhere: while driving, out with family, with friends, at home, at odd times and places. I felt at peace whenever I saw Hawk. A sign that I was heading in the right direction.

Yet, recently, when I was feeling at my spiritual lowest; teetering on the edge of belief and disbelief, Hawk gifted me with a feather. It was direct contact where there had previously been none. I suddenly knew what I needed: It was ok to let go of old beliefs. It was ok to be who I was meant to be. It was then I fully embraced my return to magic. 

After many years of regular companionship, and acceptance of the feather gift, I have not seen Hawk for some time.

Much peace on your journey,