How to use lavender for anxiety

Health benefits of using Lavender in the home

Your phone is constantly ringing, your email is a bottomless pit of digital data clogging your inbox, your kid is vying for your attention, and the dog just walked back into the house from a romp outside to promptly puke on the living room floor. Yeah…You need a break.

There are times when you need an unapologetic break from life and the hustle. Can’t fly off to that bungalow in the beautiful Caribbean, to hide away in an equally beautiful room with that large window and billowing white curtains, with only the ocean to call you? Then lavender may be just what you need!

Wait…Lavender? I know. I know. Not much of a consolation prize in comparison to a sexy summer in the Caribbean, but hear me out.

Lavender for sleep

This purple maven has a soothing scent that can put the most troubled mind to sleep. Many find it hard to fall asleep due to tension of the nerves, and lavender--known for soothing the nervous system--induces sleep.

Lavender for anxiety

If you’re prone to feeling anxious, lavender may be used as a natural self-calming tool. Often used as an affective method to reduce depression and anxiety, lavender has even proven to reduce the effects of post partum depression in new mothers. If lavender can help a new mom who has hormones all over the place, imagine what it could do for you!

If you don’t have a green enough thumb to maintain a lavender plant in your home, then using Lavender oil for massage is another easy way to calm your nerves.

But, wait! There’s more!

Though not directly related, lavender can be beneficial to your wellbeing for problems other than insomnia and anxiety.

Lavender aids digestion

Drinking lavender tea not only helps you sleep, it’s also a great way to aid digestion. Consuming a lavender drink after a meal relieves gas and digests fats by promoting the secretion of bile. Healthy levels of this mighty stomach acid responsible for breaking down food and drink can be a great benefit for those of you who suffer stomach upsets. Reducing the need for a bathroom break is a welcome to any troubled soul.

Lavender protects the skin

Lavender is very soothing on the skin but tough on germs and toxins due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. A few drops of lavender oil can protect your skin from harmful toxins and also acts as an insect repellent. So you don’t have to smell like a chemical factory when you head out for a night jaunt.

Now that you know the health benefits of using lavender in the home, are you ready to plan your bathroom getaway (I say bathroom, because it might be the only place you can find peace!)? For a simple low-cost and beneficial life destressor, invest in a bouquet of lavender, or get down and dirty with gardening and grow the biggest bouquet on your block; so big that your whole neighborhood becomes a hot mess of relaxation. Plus, I hear gardening is a great destressor, too.

Until next time…Keep chasing the green!



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