What is Spiritual Awakening?

What is a spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakens can come in many shapes and forms. It even has different terms to describe it: awakening, enlightenment, or rebirth...and all are correct. You no longer feel as you once did. Your needs have changed. Your viewpoints have changed. You are starting to feel a oneness with the environment; a feeling of becoming whole.

Each person experiences awakening differently, though there can be commonalities. Some of the more common symptoms I’ve listed below. This list is in no way exhaustive, but you may be able to relate to some of them. Granted, if you experience any of these behaviors to a severe degree to where you can no longer function normally, seek the help of a healthcare provider.

Letting go of old beliefs

Your old belief system seems to no longer fit and you're wondering if you’ve had some kin of weight change, because you simply feel different. Look different. You have, but not of the physical kind. You have, however, lost a few needless pounds of the mental kind. You’ve started to question and throughout some of the old beliefs that no longer fit with you lifestyle. Thrown out beliefs that are damaging to you and those around you. This break from social norms has developed a sense of freedom, confidence, rightness not experienced before, and the lightness of your shoulders feels so much butter, doesn’t it?

Escaping the cage

Freedom comes in many forms for many people. Physically free to walk around and do what you like whenever you like. Or, perhaps, it is the relief felt when you realize you don’t need as many things as you once did. This is a time when many start to clear house and move to a more minimalistic way of life. Instead of finding joy in material things, you seek to enjoy the quiet times, to be in the moment, being a part of the moment; not just observing the moment.

However, the biggest lesson learned during this transition, is to realization that for the cage you were trapped in for so long, you always had the key.

A desire to change

You have a niggling feeling in your heart that says it's time for change. But you may be hesitant to make a move on that career change, a shift in perspective, or acceptance of a part of yourself. Sound familiar? Take a chance and follow your instinct. This transition can be the hardest to accept and make, but is overall more rewarding if like The Fool of the tarot deck, you put more faith in yourself and make the leap.

Sleepless nights

Experiencing light nights, you haven’t even had coffee or tea, or any stress? You may be experiencing a spiritual awakening. As your mind and body expand (not at your waistline, though), you go into hyperactivity mode with an explosion of deep thought an emotion. The party is just getting started! But no worries! You’re just going through some growing pains, and is all part of the Divine plan for you. 

If your sleep patterns are hindering you in some way, try relaxation techniques such as listening to soft music, use lavender oil or drink lavender tea, or read a few pages from a book.

Deep feelings and increased emotion

As I experience my awakening, I have had feelings of deep sadness as I contemplate my place in the Universe. However everything is connected. Though not everyone is aware of this connection. There are times I cry at the drop of a hat over a situation that would typically left me dry-eyed (The trailers for the upcoming Mr. Rogers documentary and new Winnie the Pooh movie had me bawling at the love and celebration of life that will be featured in those films). But whether you know the reason for your deep feelings, or it eludes you, the best option is to practice agape to replace the sadness with love and empathy for yourself.

Have patience. Your dark times will soon be filled with light.

Until next time…Keep chasing the green! 


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