June 1, Dare Day: a day of challenge

feet hanging off cliff

Are you ready for a challenge? New life…Meet Dare Day  

It isn’t a day for the fickle or the lazy as the point is to challenge yourself and others to push outside of comfort zones on to success—big or small. Though its origins are unknown, June 1 was dubbed Dare Day to incite healthy doses of personal call-to-actions. 

A dare by any other name

Though dares can take many forms, there is still some chaos to the madness as there are levels to their severity: dare, double-dare and (gasp!) the triple-dog dare. Standard dares are risky. Double dares are but a little more so, but the almighty powerful triple-dog dare…Now that must be used with caution. It’s like the equivalent of eating a Carolina Reaper pepper with no milk—OK. Maybe not that sever, but you get the point.

You have permission to speed through the comfort zone

As long as the dare isn't harmful to others, be it a prank, asking that cute barista on a date, or grabbing the bull by the horns and asking for that raise you've rightfully earned, Dare Day is your time to shine.

Now, get up, get out, and take action…I triple dog dare you.

Keep it greener, my friend.


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