Thrifted, gifted and sifted: queen ann side table

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Thankful for little gifts

This little gem was a gift that I was eager to get my hands on even though it reminded me of a happy spider (Is it the angle of the shot?). A nice solid wood Queen Ann side table with a small drawer. The structure was sound, only the legs were a little wobbly—nothing a good wrench couldn’t fix.

Getting down to sanding business

Taking the legs off, the bracings and screws were a little rusty (which I later used my dremel to polish). I wiped them off then got down to sanding.

The legs were the easiest by far. The subtle curves of the table top proved a little difficult for my sander, so I hand-sanded the more detailed areas.

In my painting prime(er)

Two thin coats of white primer later and I was ready for painting. Bright teal and white were on the menu. Nice soothing colors but still cheerful.

I added a stenciled bird, flowers, vines in varying opacities, a semi-gloss finish and—wah-lah! It turned out pretty well :)

I imagine this table would work well in a little girl’s room.


What do you think?

Until next time … Speak softly and carry a big orbital sander.

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