Vegetable rigatoni lasagna

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Sometimes it’s good to play with your food I’ve been in the mood for lasagna of late—even though I’ve never made any before. But I decided that this time is as good as any, so played with a few ingredients and came up with this vegetarian recipe for you. Vegetable rigatoni lasagna Serves 2-4 2 […]

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Tomacogar pasta salad

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Need a quick meal in less than 20 minutes? Experimenting over the weekend, I whipped up a nice vegetarian dish that works as a meal or side. I dubbed it Tomacogar. Why? It was an attempt at word-smooshing tomato, corn and garlic grass. Yeah … Yeah, I know—but it does call to mind exotic places […]

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Beef, tomato and chickpea stew

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Keeping you warm The dog days of summer are on the way out with Fall just around the corner. Although my house is home to a few voracious vegetarians, we still like to keep our merry¬†meat-eaters happy too. So here’s one of my easy and tasty dishes that will help keep you and your loved […]

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