DIY Project: Hanging or desktop water bottle terrarium

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Too many plastic bottles

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Let’s have some DIY crafting fun.

My in-laws will occasionally purchase bottled water for our little one. In particular, Aqua Pod water, which is┬ádesigned for kids. We don’t purchase bottled water ourselves, but I must admit that I fell in-love with the Aqua Pod’s design. It’s so stinkin’ cute!

How can water bottles be reused or repurposed?

I had to come up with a way that they could be repurposed but still have the idea be aimed at kids. I’m digging the terrarium craze that’s been going on lately, and wanted to jump in on it. I love plants. I have a few in my workroom (aloe, rosemary, clover, random grasses) as I really like having nature near me when I have to be stuck in front of the computer for an extended amount of time.

So without further ado, here’s my kid-friendly tutorial for making a terrarium out of a water bottle.

Supplies needed:


  • Small water bottle with or without cap
  • Drill
  • Cord or yarn
  • Soil
  • Small plant or seeds
  • Spoon
  • A super-cool adult to help with the hard parts

Step 1: Drill water drainage and hanging holes

  • Using a drill with a fairly small bit (I used a 1/16) and drill one hole into each of the “feet” of the bottle.
  • Then drill two more holes on opposite sides of the bottle about 0.25″ to 0.5″ (I used 0.5″) from the neck of the bottle. (NOTE: If you are making a tabletop or desktop version, you don’t need the neck holes. Just use the bottle’s cap for an enclosed terrarium).

Step 2: Adding soil and plant

  • After drilling the holes, use your “shovel” spoon to fill the bottom of the bottle with a light layer of soil.
  • Add your plant or seed then add more soil to help hold the plant in place or to cover the seed. (NOTE: You may have to adjust your plant to get it to sit the way you want during this process.)
  • Add a little water to settle the soil around your plant and to give it a headstart on a healthy life.

Step 3: Making your hanger

  • From the outside to the inside, thread one end of your cord through one of the holes near the neck of the bottle. (NOTE: For better accuracy, you can use a bit of tape on the end of the cord to thread it through the hole.)
  • Use your finger to then pull the cord up from inside the bottle and out of the bottle’s mouth. Do the same with the other end of the cord.
  • Tie the ends of the cord together.
  • Pull and adjust the cord so that it looks like the handles of a shopping bag.

Step 4: Enjoy your terrarium!

Ways you can enjoy your new terrarium:

  • Hang your new terrarium or simply use on a table or desk.
  • Give as a gift for a special occasion or just because.
  • Teachers … you can even use this to teach a science lesson about plant growth (that’s what my hubby is doing with his students :) )

Now it’s your turn

Make your own terrarium and send me a pic. I’d love to let everyone know what you did. Besides, we have to find a way to use up all of these bottles, so why not add a little greenery :)

Until next time …

Speak softly and carry a big orbital sander.

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