Another use for mason jars

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Bleach is some strong stuff—even for its own container!

The washing powder box was soaked.

We suspected that one of the cats had gone haywire with a potty spree, but luckily that wasn’t the case! On closer inspection and a few suddenly white items that were once full of color, we realized the bleach bottle sitting atop the dryer had sprung a leak. It had eaten away the lining of its own plastic container.

Alternative storage needed stat!

Using some old blue glass (my favorite kind of glass) Mason jars given to me by my father-in-law, we were able to salvage the remains in a way that turned out pretty decorative. The jar in the far back even has a glass top, which I’m not used to Mason jars having.

Overall, if I could hang these jars, I certainly would. In person, they are so mesmerizing. They’d make an awesome chandelier. Hmm … future project, maybe … ? But minus the bleach, of course >_<

Another one for the “XXX Ways to Use Mason Jars” list :)

Until next time … Speak softly and carry extra Mason jars.

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